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Why Movies Disappear From Netflix

Date: 20/07/2013 | No comments

Netflix logoYou just put yourself comfortable on the couch and you are ready to watch the movie you realized few weeks ago, but it’s not there. Netflix has removed the movie from their streaming service, however there’s a good reason, why the movie is gone.

Netflix buys the rights to show movies on their streaming service and when these rights have terminated it will be removed from Netflix. When Netflix buys the rights often it will be effective for about 2-3 years, which means that the movie will be available in this period. After the period the title will be removed again. It is possible that Netflix can buy the rights for much longer, but Netflix may not be interested in that. The movie might not be so popular and then just a waste of money and space on the streaming service. Therefore Netflix conclude the agreement for sorter time so they won’t be using too much money on unpopular movies. At the same time Netflix removes the titles they will be replaced by some new titles.

You don’t know when a title will be removed from Netflix, since it doesn’t appear on the website or any of the other platforms. So if you come across a title you want to watch then watch it in a relative shorter time, so it won’t disappear in the meantime. Previously it was possible to see when titles disappeared on Netflix, but this feature was removed because Netflix did not want the focus on the content which was regularly replaced.

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