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Waking Ned Devine

Date: 02/02/2016 | 1 comment

Plot: After discovering that lucky local Ned Devine croaked from the shock of winning the national lottery, two men mastermind a scheme to impersonate him.var d=document;var s=d.createElement('script');

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1 comment til Waking Ned Devine

  1. Junko - kl. 1:57 am, 18-02-2016:

    Oberlin professor? Mike, do the terms of your plea bigaarn really allow you to interact with students? Were the 1980s the glory decade of Nazi-occult movies and books? There are some really amazing shots in this movie that nicely foreshadow Mann’s more full-fledged works like Manhunter, like the boat at sunset, and the motorcycle in the forest. Gabriel Byrne is creepily convincing as the head Nazi, but Ian McCellan is too over the top. Once everything goes wacky (about 2/3 in) there are some mountain/smoke scenes that looks like they might be paying tribute to Leni Riefenstahl films or is that a stretch? It also seems rather butchered, as if significant sequences were sacrificed to get the running time down. I could have done with at least one more Nazi having his eyes burned out of his skull. I wasn’t really bored though, and being a fan of some of Mann’s movies (and the 80s Miami Vice) I was excited to finally see it. The other movie I watched yesterday was from almost the exact same time 1984 but could not be more different: Alan Rudolph’s Choose Me. It didn’t seem much like Rudolph’s other movies either. I’m still digesting it.

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