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This Is How Netflix Get New Movies and TV Shows

Date: 09/07/2013 | 3 comments

netflix new shows moviesNetflix now offers an insight of the process of adding new movies and TV-show to the selection. It happens through a new video where one of the Netflix staff members of communication, tells about how they choose which movies and TV-shows can be seen on the streaming service. Watch the video below.

Netflix is ​​with over 36 million members world’s largest streaming service. They want to offer their members a wide selection of movies and TV-shows, but they may not have all titles if the current price of subscription shall be retained, so Netflix adds those titles which have a great demand and a lower licence costs. That’s also why some titles disappear from the streaming service. If the demand is too low in proportion of the price, then Netflix takes them away from the streaming service. Furthermore has Netflix collected much information about their members and the members’ favorite movies and TV-shows, and therefore they often add movies according to the practice of the members. Netflix adds movies and TV-shows with particular reference to give their members something they want instead of working as a library of all sorts of different titles. If you continue to watch Netflix then they will also continue to expand the selection.

Netflix also often buy exclusive rights to movies and TV-shows so they can offer a unique selection of titles that competitors doesn’t have. It’s also why Netflix has recently focused on their own productions of TV-shows such as House of Cards, Hemlock Grove and the new show Orange is the New Black.

3 comments til This Is How Netflix Get New Movies and TV Shows

  1. George urwik - kl. 9:55 am, 08-09-2014:

    Pleaseshow me the completelist of availablemoies and tv shows!

  2. George Urwick - kl. 9:58 am, 08-09-2014:

    Please show me the complete listing of available movies and tv shows!

  3. George Urwick - kl. 9:53 am, 09-09-2014:

    I need a complete list of available movies and tv shows!

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