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Date: 23/06/2014 | 1 comment

Plot: After being shipwrecked off the African coast, a lone child grows up in the wild, and is destined to become lord of the jungle.

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1 comment til Tarzan

  1. Alexandre - kl. 6:44 pm, 02-04-2015:

    NETFLIX DOES SUCK!!!!! Funny how a web-based company who send you e-mails when the rcveiee your movie, ship your movie, lost your movie and marketing etc does not allow you to email them. I had to gppgle ways to email netflix to find an e-mail address fpr them and it wasnot ofcourse custokmer service. Just lke when netflix was fined a while back and had to refund money because they were found guilty of delayingthe scanning in and out of movies to slow the process down, in turn saing them money as it would ultimatly mean hundreds of thousands of sollars a year in shipping if every customer just got a few less movies a year. NETFLIX SUCKS

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