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Robinson Crusoe on Mars

Date: 04/04/2014 | 1 comment

Plot: When his spaceship crash-lands on Mars, an astronaut must figure out how to survive on the barren, lifeless planet with only a monkey for company.

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1 comment til Robinson Crusoe on Mars

  1. Edy - kl. 4:03 pm, 02-04-2015:

    Care – It took me months of tnikhing, I should post about that, but never remembering to write down examples. I finally wrote down a few, but I know there are tons I forgot about. Jenny – It always felt like magic when it happened when I was little. Some part of me was always surprised that authors could know about other books and character could read books I loved. Diane – I tend to do the opposite. I find a new author I love and then I ration their books because I’m dreading the moment when I run out of new books. Teacher/Learner – I just love it when an author uses the same town or something. I thought it was interesting the Anita Shreve books Fortune’s Rocks, Sea Glass and Pilot’s Wife are all set in the same house, but in different decades.

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