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Netflix Series ‘Lilyhammer’ Renewed For a 3rd Season

Date: 25/12/2013 | 12 comments

lilyhammer-season-3-netflix-confirmed-300x168If you love the series about the former mafia boss Frank “The Fixer” Tagliano, then you can begin look forward to 2014. According to the Norwegian site, Lilyhammer gets a third season!

The Norwegian TV-station NRK who are co-producers of Lilyhammer, have confirmed that the series returns in a third season, and that the production begins in January 2014. Third season of Lilyhammer has a budget of over $18 million USD (estimate), which is a lot compared to previous seasons. Season 2 e.g. had a budget of $9 million USD (estimate).

Projecteditor Tone C. Rønning from NRK says: “We are really happy that the series returns. First season was a little production with a lot of talent, but the new season will become a big international production.”

Netflix and NRK have earlier financed Lilyhammer together, but as the new season will have a noticeable higher budget, Netflix has agreed to support it with $14 million, while NRK pays the remaining.
So far there are no details regarding the plot of season three, though Tone C. Rønning from NRK confirms that current characters continue and there will be exciting guest actors.

Watch Lilyhammer season 1 and 2 on Netflix: Link.

12 comments til Netflix Series ‘Lilyhammer’ Renewed For a 3rd Season

  1. Roger - kl. 3:52 pm, 05-01-2014:

    Best thing on TV in years! Bravo, keep ’em coming!!

  2. Deborah Woods - kl. 5:08 am, 07-01-2014:

    it love it love it don’t ever stop making this series

  3. Denis - kl. 8:04 am, 07-01-2014:

    Best television série since the sopranos long live lily hammer.

  4. DMS - kl. 9:33 am, 07-01-2014:

    Wasn’t sure about Lilyhammer when I stumbled on to it through Netflix…. BUT WOW !!!!
    Love the series, very entertaining.
    Long Live Lilyhammer

  5. TB - kl. 6:28 pm, 07-01-2014:

    HUGE Fan of Van Zandt !!! Lilyhamma, Sopranos, E-Street Band or whatever he’s in. Looking forward to S-3, S-4, etc., etc.

  6. TB - kl. 6:30 pm, 07-01-2014:

    Would “kill” (lol) to be on a show like this

  7. ci - kl. 4:14 pm, 08-01-2014:

    What a great series! I hope there are more seasons coming. Funny, fresh ideas with great casting and presentation.

  8. Tony - kl. 2:36 pm, 09-01-2014:

    Great Show!

  9. vicky - kl. 9:28 pm, 09-01-2014:

    Love it !!!!! cant wait for season 3 !!!!!

  10. MrDreamers - kl. 3:40 pm, 11-01-2014:

    The best me and maria love this show i hope it goes longer then Sopranos!!

    LiLLYHammer RULes!!!!

  11. MrDreamers - kl. 3:42 pm, 11-01-2014:

    “that makes to of us” id love to be part of this show, a dream come true 🙂

  12. MrDreamers - kl. 4:01 pm, 11-01-2014:

    i mean 2, LOL!! like the NAV LOL!!!

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