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Netflix Expects To Support 4K Ultra HD In 1-2 Years

Date: 24/07/2013 | No comments

netflix-usa-4k-ultra-hdNetflix expects to be able to show movies in the super-sharp 4K Ultra HD format within 1-2 years. Neil Hunt, the Chief Product Officer of Netflix, revealed the plans on an interview with The Verge. 4K Ultra HD is a format with four times more pixels compared to Full HD. In compared, Full HD resolution is 1920×1080 while 4K Ultra HD has the resolution 3840×2160.

The exclusive TV show from Netflix ‘House of Cards’ was recorded in 4K Ultra HD and the director of the TV show, David Fincher has been supporting the format. Earlier he has recorded in Ultra HD, which includes the movies The Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

It’s still uncertain if the internet service provider will be ready to offer the new format, when it without a doubt demands much band width. One can also expect, that those internet service providers, who already offer Super HD now will offer Ultra HD.

If you wish to watch movies in Ultra HD though, you must possess a television, which support the format. These types of television are not in present time sold in common stores of electronic.

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