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Netflix Considering To Revive ‘Jericho’ Series

Date: 13/07/2013 | No comments

jericho revival netflixIf you were disappointed that the TV show ‘Jericho’ was canceled after only two seasons, then this piece of news might be something for you. The American movie site ScreenRant writes, that Netflix is interested in resuming the show. It’s the creator, Stephen Chbosky, of the TV show ‘Jericho’, who confirms that Netflix will resume the show. The negotiations is not jet begun and therefore it is not curtain that Netflix will resume ‘Jericho’.

Jericho is a drama series about the effects of an nuclear attack on the USA. The attack leaves the citizens of the small, peaceful town in Kansas in total chaos and complete isolation, and they now wonder whether not they are the only survivors. Jericho was canceled after two seasons, when the production company CBS wasn’t satisfied with the ratings of the TV show. Jericho was actually canceled after only one season, but after critic from fans of the TV show, CBS decided to create yet another season.

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