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Netflix Confirms ‘Arrested Development’ Season 5

Date: 26/08/2014 | No comments

arrested-development-season 5During the last couple of years the Internet has been filled with rumors of whether the sitcom “Arrested Development” would return for a fifth season, and up until now nothing has been officially confirmed. Meanwhile Netflix and Will Arnett, the latter being one of the well-known actors of the series, have revealed and confirmed that there will be a fifth season of “Arrested Development”.

The streaming-service, Netflix, was the first to verify the making of a future fifth season, when Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos gave a statement to USA Today, guaranteeing a new season yet without revealing the exact date.

When Will Arnett, who plays the unfortunate magician Gob, appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show he confirmed, live on television, the circulating rumors.

Based on these developments it is now a fact that “Arrested Development” will return to Netflix.

Rumors has it that all the original cast of the series have shown interest in participating in another season, but due to the fact that most of the cast are presently engaged in other matters, the shooting of season 5 will have to wait until summer 2015. Netflix prefers to have all the original cast gathered once more due to the negative reviews they received of their fourth season which hardly had any scenes wherein all the original cast appeared.

Originally shown on FOX, “Arrested Development” is a sitcom originally developed by Netlix, but after FOX dropped the series, the movie network chose to buy back the rights and produce a fourth season which premiered May 2013. Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Will Arnet, Portia de Rossi and Tony Hale are among the cast of “Arrested Development”.

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