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List Of All Movies And Series On Netflix

Date: 14/08/2013 | 13 comments

netflix list movies seriesDo you miss an overview of all content on Netflix? Here is a tip that enables you to view all available movies and series on Netflix USA.

It is very simple: Click the link below, and choose “All” in the menu. Then select “Sort by Title”. Then you are presented of a long list of all movies and series, which you can currently view on Netflix. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen to see how much there actually is.

Get an overview of all movies and series on Netflix: Link.

Netflix does not provide the official number of movies and series, but if any of our readers have counted them, please post a comment below.

13 comments til List Of All Movies And Series On Netflix

  1. Alex - kl. 4:41 pm, 18-05-2014:

    Entertaining lol

  2. angelica - kl. 5:22 pm, 12-06-2014:

    I would like a complete list of movies Netflix has.

  3. Roy - kl. 1:38 pm, 14-06-2014:

    Can I get full list of tv series available and if it is all episodes, not jut last five. Specifically, NCIS, Blacklist and Betrayal all from episode 1 this year. thanks

  4. bereket - kl. 6:48 am, 26-07-2014:

    i can get list of series movies for the past 10 years from know

  5. Taunja Olabisi - kl. 7:35 pm, 04-01-2015:

    I would like a complete listing so I know what to put in search engine love old shows. Like streets of San Francisco, manic, barnaby jones, FBI, Julia, Kojak, invaders, there is to much demonic and filth but good documentaries.

  6. Kristen - kl. 7:11 am, 25-03-2015:

    can I please have a listing of tv series and movies available emailed to me? I like to be informed prior to making a decision.
    thank you

  7. Donna - kl. 11:36 am, 23-07-2015:

    Could I have a listing of tv series and movies plus price rates emailed to me?
    I am especially interested in Signed, Sealed and Delivered as well as just about anything from the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel and UP.

    Thank You

  8. Gregg - kl. 4:06 am, 22-10-2015:

    Netflix is good

  9. deevah - kl. 3:23 am, 31-12-2015:

    I am thinking of getting Netflix but these comments scare me.. Why don’t Netflex allow consumers to easily see a list of programs they offer so we could make informed decisions.

  10. Maura Taylor - kl. 5:29 pm, 02-07-2016:

    Why can’t I find an alphabetical list of movies and TV shows available on Netflix?
    All I see with the lists are redundancies! Do you get a bonus for curtailing use of the full use of a the offerings?

    How can I find a full list?

  11. terry - kl. 7:39 am, 08-08-2016:

    Please send me a complete list of TV channels you offer, thank you

  12. Michael Nires Sr. - kl. 7:28 pm, 29-11-2016:

    Can I get a full list of all Movies and T.V. series in all genres.
    Much obliged.

  13. FLO KAIRES - kl. 1:31 pm, 02-10-2017:


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