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Complete list of all movies and TV shows on Netflix

Date: 02/07/2013 | 13 comments

netflix complete list movies tv showsDo you miss the complete overview of all movies and TV-shows available on Netflix? Here is a tip to how you get a list of all the streaming titles on Netflix.

Find the new releases on Netflix here: Link

It’s actually quite simple. Use the link mentioned down below, and thereafter select “All” in the menu. After this you can choose Sort By Title. Now you are presented to a long list of all the movies and TV-shows in alphabetical order, which is available on Netflix right now. Now you can look through the list until you reach the bottom. There is a lot so it will probably take some time.

Get an overview of all movies and TV-shows on Netflix here: Link.

We haven’t counted them, but if you care to do so, please let us know how many movies and TV shows there are available on Netflix right now.

13 comments til Complete list of all movies and TV shows on Netflix

  1. jd - kl. 5:53 pm, 19-07-2013:

    7740 titles

  2. Robert Forrest - kl. 7:33 pm, 30-03-2014:


  3. thomas - kl. 11:01 am, 09-06-2014:


  4. Mike Neilson - kl. 6:28 pm, 09-07-2014:


  5. zack blatchley - kl. 12:48 pm, 18-08-2014:

    put smallville on streaming please watch it on my t.v thank you

  6. RUTH HANDS - kl. 8:49 pm, 28-08-2014:

    I watched the BREAK OUT KINGS and enjoyed it so much I would like to see it again

  7. E Potts - kl. 1:32 pm, 30-08-2014:

    Thanks so much! We are considering subscribing to Netflix, but have been unable to view their offerings. Trying to find a list on Netflix w/o subscribing is so frustrating!!

  8. Shall - kl. 6:24 pm, 25-09-2014:

    I am not signing up for any thing without seeing exactly what it is I am signing up for. Offer as low as 7.99 but cant see what I am getting for that offer or any other offer. Free month trail doesn’t cut it for me.

  9. Jerome Smith - kl. 7:38 am, 13-10-2014:

    I’m an old man and would like a complete list of movies in your catalog so I can see the exact title before I search.

    I am new member and have little interest in many titles suggested on my tv. So far I love what you do.

    Thank You, Jerome Smith

  10. Robert Kiefer - kl. 12:42 pm, 13-12-2014:

    I,like Jerome are looking for TV-Movies to my age.I like Turner has.Westerns 50s-60s are the best.I DO-NOT like any of the mindless shows they have for our Youngters today.That is why I told DISH where they COULD STICK- IT,and saved a lot of money.

  11. Pam - kl. 7:33 am, 07-01-2015:

    I have a roku 2 and just got it hooked up………..back when I got it I pd around 89.00.They are now cheaper and with more models.
    After hook up you go in and select what you want to save in your channels.
    They have 3 or 4 places you can get the older TV westerns and series free.All you have to do is pay for the roku and set it up.
    I have mine set up on my wireless.
    You can subscribe to places like Netflix and HuluPlus…………..I can find a description and view what comes on HuluPlus but can’t access anything about what you get on Netflix.I will not subscribe to something I don’t know what I am getting.
    Guess that is my 2 cents worth

  12. laura beard - kl. 12:27 pm, 09-01-2015:

    netfilx will you put whole seasons of Baywatch and reba and smallville,jag the kings and queen,walker,texas ranger and also full house

  13. Lisa J - kl. 5:36 pm, 22-01-2015:

    Before I subscribed to Hulu I could go to their website to see if they were worth the $7.00 a month. That’s why I subscribed. Why won’t Netflix be up front too? It would make me have a better chance of subscribing.

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