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Knowing their relationship will end when one of them goes to college, lovers Jonah and Luke bask in the languid days of their final summer together.

This documentary spotlights TV writer and producer Dan Harmon, best known for NBC’s “Community,” as he takes his podcast on a cross-country tour.

Two shady retail-store flunkies coast through life until a sexy new colleague devises a scheme to score nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

Watch Season 1 Now In the wake of a terrible tragedy, a local sheriff forges a fateful alliance with a member of a Native American tribe, begetting grave consequences.

JealousyINFO - 01/03

In this French drama, Clothilde is consumed with jealousy when Louis, her actor boyfriend and father of their young daughter, leaves her for Claudia.

When two greedy relatives hatch a plot to steal a comatose man’s fortune, fate intervenes with three sets of lookalikes making a mess of things.

When a wicked goblin escapes its cage and threatens to ruin Christmas, it’s up to Santa and his trusty mule, Napo, to save the holiday.

As a father and son learn how to be good teammates — whether in baseball or in business — their family discovers the importance of their faith.

Watch Season 1 Now The experts from TED Talks offer a variety of new “life hacks”: practical tips to make daily living more efficient and more effective.

Watch Season 1 Now Join Ella, an imaginative elephant who uses her magic hat to create all kinds of fun and adventures for her friends on Elephant Island.

Three rival actresses and the crew of a horror movie reunite for a sequel, but one among them mimics the film’s methods to start a killing spree.

Twin sisters Olanna and Kainene each find unexpected romance in the late 1960s against the backdrop of Nigeria’s civil war.

This irreverent look at the boundaries of privacy, public interest, and freedom of expression includes interviews from celebrities and reporters.

This incisive documentary examines the arguments and agendas of both those who support and those who oppose the legalization of marijuana.

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