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Watch Season 1 Now Chief Halvar’s clever young son, Vicky, lives on a Nordic fjord and learns the ways of a colorful band of Vikings who sail under his dad’s command.

Watch Season 1 Now In the last days of the British Raj, an educated young Indian man questions his ideals as he and a British woman are swept up by the changing tides.

Old high school friends set sail on a yacht for a party cruise weekend that turns into their worst nightmare in this thriller based on true events.

When an aging male prostitute in Paris rescues an unconscious young drifter in a park, the two men become lovers and accomplices in robbery.

After being stimulated by a screening of Bo Derek’s 10, a group of lonely young Irishmen cook up a foolproof plan: They’ll post an ad in the Miami Herald, inviting American ladies to come to them.

Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin and his wife are mistaken for spies while trying to rescue a crocodile from poachers… who are really CIA operatives.

When an underground crime boss betrays a volatile big-time drug dealer, he touches off a mob war that engulfs his friend and debt-collector protégé.

When a psychiatrist finds herself caught up in the shocking aftermath of a patient’s murder, she begins to suspect her lover may be involved.

A clerk in a U.S. Army battalion stationed in Germany runs a black market that supplies drug dealers with everything from kitchen cleaners to heroin.

In a colossal mix-up, a hair stylist from Queens, N.Y., ends up in an Eastern European country tutoring the three children of a stern dictator.

When a guardian angel accidentally take stand-up comedian Lance Barton to heaven, he’s returned to Earth in the body of an elderly white millionaire.

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When a female ex-con has an affair with her neighbor, the two women concoct a plot to steal the mob money the neighbor’s boyfriend has stashed away.

Buried feelings rise to the surface when two seemingly perfect teen Mormons are assigned to serve a mission together as part of their rite of passage.

A Texas sheriff seeks vengeance against his brother’s creepy murderers in this Western-flavored sequel to Rob Zombie’s bloody House of 1,000 Corpses.