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Newest release at the top - 22. July 2014

Director Roman Polanski spends three days in 1971 recording Formula One racing champion Jackie Stewart’s life leading up to the Monaco Grand Prix.

McCanickIMDB - 19/07

When a teenage criminal is granted an early release from prison, it triggers a wave of paranoia for the obsessive cop who put him away.

In this moving documentary, Aiyana Elliott — daughter of legendary folk guitarist Ramblin’ Jack Elliott – looks at her irresponsible father’s life through home movies and performance clips.

This biographical documentary chronicles the controversial life of beat poet Jack Kerouac – a fringe artist who posthumously became one of the most widely read writers in America.

An informant for Israel’s Shin Bet intelligence service, Palestinian Sanfur is torn when his brother becomes an agency target.

Gun HillIMDB - 18/07

A pair of twins take opposing paths — one is a cop and the other a con man — until the night one is killed and his brother assumes his identity.

Danny Trejo, Anthony Michael Hall and Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke star in this unrated, action-packed battle for vengeance.

An up-and-coming gymnast is on track to make the regional competitive gymnastics team but off track in school, where she’s struggling to keep up.

Teenage Pac and his loyal crew face the ups and downs of adolescence while protecting Pac-World from a ghostly army led by the evil Betrayus.

A band of unpublished writers who gather to gripe about their misfortunes must cope with the sudden success of a newcomer to their group.

Two young men — Prem and Amar — are broke and have no concrete plans for the future when they discover that a stunning heiress lives nearby.

Marc and Enrique plot to survive on the streets of Barcelona while a fatal type of agoraphobia kills anyone who ventures outdoors.

Investigate top-secret files, recently made accessible by the Freedom on Information Act, that explore new evidence of incredible conspiracies.

The creation of the Higgs boson particle, an elusive key to unlocking secrets of the universe, unfolds on camera in this landmark documentary.

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