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INFO - 03/08El Chavo

El Chavo is a poor, nameless orphan who lives in an apartment building with La Chilindrina, Quico, Doña Florinda, Don Ramón and Professor Jirafales.

Alejandra and Rafael meet under unusual circumstances and slowly, unexpectedly end up falling in love.

Bright but plain-looking Lety gets a job at a fashion company run by a womanizing CEO. Will she finally get the recognition she deserves?

A millionaire family and a working-class clan who have nothing in common are forced to live together in this comedic love story.

The Bakshis celebrate the arrival of a man who may be perfect husband material for one of the family’s four unmarried daughters.

Lively little Masha lives in the forest with her grandfather and has many wonderful adventures with her neighbor, a bear who used to be in the circus.

When a struggling single mom learns that the father she never knew has died, she heads to Georgia with her kids and meets her dad’s raucous family.

New worlds of imagination unfold in this widely acclaimed series, which features guest celebrities reading selections from children’s literature.

In connected tales, a filmmaker blackmails a counselor, a woman uses a young man to get to his father, and a gay man suspects his partner has a son.

This suspenseful drama follows a battle of wits and wills between renowned Russian sharpshooter Vassili Zaitsev and top German sniper Maj. König.

This miniseries follows the Louis Lester Band, a group of black jazz musicians who became darlings of English society in the 1930s.

After years of lying to her son and pretending his deadbeat father is away at sea, a protective mom must find a man willing to pose as the boy’s dad.

This romantic feature recounts the tangled experiences of Pablo, a successful fashion designer whose love life has long been overshadowed by his work.

In a world where people no longer subsist on food, four kids set out to find the Nutri-Guardians and bring healthy eating habits back to the masses.