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Humiliated as children on the baseball field, a trio of adult friends form a three-man team to take on the top Little League squads.

In a California desert town, a short-order cook with clairvoyant abilities encounters a mysterious man with a link to dark, threatening forces.

In this dramatic family series, two teenagers discover they were accidentally switched at birth, setting off a chain reaction of life-altering events.

Don Jon23/04

Jon Martello’s romantic exploits are legendary among his friends, but his obsession with online porn saps his enthusiasm for real sex.

In this sign-of-the-times reality show, six victims of the economic downturn decide they have a better chance of striking gold than finding new jobs.

Taking his cameras inside Paris’ Radio France, filmmaker Nicolas Philibert spotlights the personalities behind the station’s diverse programming.

This romantic drama plays out against the changing but still tradition-bound landscape of India, with plenty of obstacles making true love difficult.

Todd Ray hosts this unscripted series following his Venice Beach Freakshow, complete with two-headed animals, strange artifacts, and human wonders.

Brooding 18-year-old Mathieu meets Cédric, an attractive carefree boy his own age, and is swept away by the first stirrings of homosexual passion.

This series turns its cameras on JJK, a security firm in rural Georgia with big dreams and an employee roster out of central casting.

A truck driver hatches a novel way to escape his humdrum life: he ties helium-filled balloons to his deck chair and floats into the sky.

A young American falls hard for a Romanian cellist whose father has recently died — and whose violent past could bring about his own demise.

Unable to locate the elusive mother of a baby girl left on his doorstep, an Acapulco playboy unexpectedly begins to develop feelings for the tot.

Relentlessly abused by her stepfather, Anna is ultimately driven to kill him and lands at a dangerously sadistic juvenile detention center.

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