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Team Hot Wheels must defeat the Road Pirates on a new racetrack to stop them from winning a key to the team’s latest technology and using it for evil.

A gay, Muslim filmmaker risks his life when he travels to the holy city of Mecca for a Hajj pilgrimage, carrying a hidden smartphone and tiny cameras.

A down-on-his-luck former golf pro gets a shot at redemption when he is assigned a thousand hours of community service coaching a kids’ golf team.

A popular crime novelist and a small-town sheriff investigate the disappearance of a mysterious man and the suitcase of clues he leaves behind.

Born inside a giant vortex of ocean pollution, a deadly 3-headed shark attacks a research facility and threatens a cruise ship’s party guests.

A family of wolves heads out on their first vacation together, but when a band of trappers shows up, they’ll need help from friends to stay safe.

Inspired by Chinese mythology, this romantic drama follows warrior hero Zhong Kui as he slays demons across to save his people.

Actress and comedian Anjelah Johnson showcases her hilarious impressions to riff on European Gypsies, Vietnamese manicurists, Mexican moms, and more.

Three brainiacs go on a series of adventures in Cyberspace – and learn new math concepts – as they thwart the plots of the villainous Hacker.

The increasingly forgetful Nonna wants to make the trip from Mexico to Italy so she can visit the birthplace of her beloved late husband.

Amid the holocaust of tribal fighting in Rwanda, one ordinary hotel manager musters the courage to save more than 1,000 refugees.

This historical examination of cancer spans from ancient times to the present with stories of patients and a look at advances that may lead to a cure.

Leo, who lives in fear of La Nahuala, a witch from his brother Nando’s stories, must summon his courage when Nando himself falls under her curse.

An exploration of the relationships between Mexicans who sneak into the United States and those who stay behind, this drama follows Andrés’s attempts to cross the border and his growing connection with store managers Cata and Ela in Tijuana.