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For her Ph.D. thesis, Mia decides to film a woman’s Alzheimer’s battle, but when symptoms turn strange, the family suspects something more sinister.

Using animation, music, comedy and more, 20 acclaimed filmmakers demystify important aspects of the economy in this engaging collection of shorts.

With help from his puppets, “Daily Show” alum Wyatt Cenac shares hilarious observations of life in Brooklyn during a show at New York’s Union Hall.

Cartoon voice actor Ashleigh Ball reveals the mystique of My Little Pony’s adult fan base, a subculture of middle-aged men obsessed with the show.

Faith, courage and the armor of God are all a family of medical missionaries have to rely on when one of their own is kidnapped by vicious bandits.

CanopyIMDB - 21/10

A World War II fighter pilot is shot down in the Singapore jungle and faces a new battle: evading the enemy and surviving the elements.

Quidditch is no longer a fictional sport, as these college athletes prove in a documentary about UCLA’s quidditch underdogs and their World Cup run.

When pretty new neighbor Seema falls for their shy roommate Sid, jealous womanizers Omi and Jai plot to break up the new lovebirds.

The leader of an Israeli antiterrorism unit is confronted with the most personal form of class warfare imaginable while caring for his pregnant wife.


This documentary follows one father’s search for answers to the question “What are we feeding our families?” and examines the risks of GMOs.

Ace Wonder, a 10-year-old budding detective, gets a chance to solve a real-life mystery involving a teenage boy’s recently deceased grandfather.

FreezingIMDB - 19/10

In a future world at war with aliens, a promising young military student and his genetically altered classmate team up as a powerful fighting force.

Seeking a better life, Oscar moves his family from a farm to the bustling city of Manila, where they soon realize that they’re out of their element.

Flanked by a full orchestra, Tim Minchin takes the Royal Albert Hall by storm with a wonderfully witty evening of satirical musical comedy.

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